Bruins vs Blackhawks 3.27.14

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It’s hard to say goodbye to someone who has overcome so much himself and done so much for a city, especially when they’ve held a special place in your heart for so long. And despite all the mental and emotional preparation I’ve been putting myself through this past week, it doesn’t hurt any less now that you’ve been traded.

It was no secret that you loved it here, and if the last few days were any indication, it’s no secret that everyone here loved you too. You gave us incredible stuff on the field, with two championship trophies, a no-hitter, and a handful of trips to the all-star game to show for it, and you changed lives off the field with all of your charity work and kindness. Your dedication and perseverance are an inspiration to so many people.

Good luck in Oakland, my favorite bubble-blowing ace. I only hope you find your way back to Boston. It will always be your home.

Thank you for everything.


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The NHL + moodboard {insp.}
About: Jamie Benn is the captain of the Dallas Stars and plays left wing. He’s from Victoria, BC and was a baseball star as a teenager. His older brother, Jordie, also plays for the Stars, which means Jamie, as the captain, gets to boss him around all the time. He’s got the size and demeanour to physically punish opponents and the hands to cause defencemen mental and spiritual anguish.
Nickname(s): B-b-b-bennie, Big Benn, Gentle Benn, Bennji, Extraneous N, James
My wife thinks he looks like: Superman, back in the 90′s when he had a mullet.
Expect to hear: “Geez, Benn just trucked that guy. That looked painful.”
Don’t expect to hear: Geez, Benn just trucked that guy. It’s not a penalty to bring a truck onto the ice and drive it over a guy? Weird. Hockey is weird.

- Team Canada Cheat Sheet: Meet the Forwards [x] (via urrone)

I have a sudden urgent desire to know how calls him Extraneous N and who calls him James. 

(via urrone)


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